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Plastic Moulding

Many of the benefits that are delivered with cryogenics to the press and cutting applications of industry are also found in the plastics industry.

Like other processes, the cost of the tooling is crucial to the profitability of an order, so if you can effect the life of the tool you can increase the ‘parts pert tool’ rate thawill turn a low or loss making job into a money spinner.

By cryogenically treating the molding inserts you can dramatically increase the wear rates (see science) and you may also get some benefits from stress relief. Like press tools, you have the deep cryogenic treatment applied after the main machining and normal heat treatment but before final fitting and polishing.

Runners / guides and rejection springs will also last considerably longer and you will see the amount of time required for the polishing stage will reduce.

Existing tools can also benefit at the point they go for refurbishment, simply have the major repairs and welding done, get the tools cryogenically treated and then do the final fit.